About Us

We are a service that searches and organizes relevant information about various drugs. It is not a secret that hundreds of new brands of medicine appear every year on the market. For many patients, this kind of information is vital just like the medicine itself.

We know that there are not enough descriptions that would explain in detail the effects of a particular drug, so we’re trying to improve on that. The only thing that interests us is the crucial data and statistics about the most famous remedies. Our goal is not to sell drugs but to describe what it does.

Everything starting with the mode of administration and ending with the discontinuation of the drug is the central point of our research. It is imperative for us to get all the facts straight and provide only veritable information. Every patient must have easy access to it, and we’re glad that we can help.

The information that we offer isn’t just related to the use of drugs. We are paying attention to the current prices and suggest generics. There is a common misconception related to generics. Some people consider that they are different from branded medicine when in reality, the formula is completely identical. This means that the effects are the same and the same rules and precautions apply to all of them.

We have not implemented a complex structure for our service. People can easily navigate our website and find the necessary pieces of information.

MaretPharma is interested in the overall health level of the population. Our desire is to see the medicine conquering all existing illnesses through technological progress. Medication is not yet perfect, and there is always room for improvement. First of all, we need to ensure that patients are following the instructions to the existing medicine as closely as possible. By ensuring the proper use of the drugs, the chances for a successful recovery increase exponentially.

A lot of people can’t seem to find all the information they need about a particular drug. Let’s take Amoxil for example. We provide an in-depth analysis of this drug and its use. Quite often the patient is not aware of other solutions a drug is not compatible with. We try to include this vital information in every description. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to medicine.

We collaborate with specialists and provide research of our own. As we mentioned before, the quest for a perfect medicine that would have no adverse effects and would be tolerated by everybody is still in progress. We’re willing to find the solutions through the most promising branches of medicine. There is no universal cure yet, but like all the other scientists, we’re working hard and hoping for the best.

Every therapy has to start with a visit to your doctor. You can’t simply buy medicine and use it according to instructions from the box. This process takes time and the proper diagnosis is the key to success. You don’t want to start your treatment in the wrong way. We’re trying to not let this happen.

We encourage every patient to search for medical help first and only then get acquainted with the solution that was prescribed by his or her doctor. The global scientific community works hard to provide working solutions, and doing things your way, would only undermine their efforts. For effective treatment, you have to start with the right note.

Our descriptions are just the start of your therapy. Keep in mind that every little change you make to the mode of administration has to be discussed with your doctor in advance. This is the key to a healthy and comfortable life!