Augmentin Online

Augmentin is a medication of choice to treat bacterial infections in children and adults. Due to a combination of two most widely used antibiotics in one pill Augmentin covers a wider range of bacteria causing severe infections. Bacterial diseases in children are very difficult to diagnose as kids can not report their symptoms correctly. They complain on feeling sick. To find out what causes their sickness the children should be examined and tested. The first symptoms which are signs of bacterial infection are fever without cough or runny nose, abdominal pain, pain in the mouth, throat, back, discomforts and skin rash and redness. Noticing the symptoms their parents should immediately seek for emergency to indicate which bacteria cause the inflammation and the disease in the kid’s body. Augmentin is a powerful medication. You can buy Augmentin online over the counter, however you should not give the drug to a kid without prescription and prior testing. In countries with strict drug control policy Augmentin is sold only with a prescription from a healthcare provider.

What is Augmentin?

Augmentin is one of the most frequently prescribed antibiotics to treat bacterial infections in kids and adults. The drug is a potent combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. As a result with get an antibiotic of an increased spectrum of action and a prolonged effect against certain types of bacteria which perform resistance to the treatment but are susceptible to the medications.

Augmentin comes to the market in forms of intravenous preparations, pills and suspension. The medication is developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical company Beecham Pharmaceuticals and is on the list of the most essential drugs of WHO. This means that you should buy Augmentin online and keep it in your home medicine box in case of possible bacterial infection in your family.

The drug prevents bacteria from growing and multiplying by interfering into the process of DNA formation. With antibiotic treatment the bacteria are unable to form cells and walls. Augmentin is a potent antibacterial drug which is effective against certain types of bacteria only. It should not be used against viral infections though it may be included in the complex treatment of some diseases. Rarely Augmentin is prescribed for prophylaxis of possible bacterial infections (if a patient has been in close contact with a potential source of infection). The drug is absolutely safe and is administered to kids and geriatric patients as well.

Directions for the use of Augmentin

Augmentin should be taken only after proper examination and testing. Surely you can buy Augmentin online and keep it at home, however you should never start treatment if you do not know for sure which type of the bacteria cause the infection in your body. Careless intake of antibiotics leads to bacteria developing a so called immune system against applied medications. In this case it is very hard to treat the infection as the bacteria will require additional dosages of te drug or a completely different drug.

Augmentin is administered to treat infections of:

  • ear and airways
  • urinary tract
  • skin and soft tissues
  • mouth and nasal cavities

The drug can be administered to treat various diseases as a part of complex therapy if the diseases are complicated with the bacterial infection which is susceptible to the action of its components.

How should I use Augmentin?

Augmentin should be used after prescription only. Though it is a safe drug and you can buy Augmentin online over the counter (USA, UK, Canada, Australia online drug stores may require a prescription from your doctor for the medication) still taking Augmentin without prior testing and identifying of the cause may worsen the case.

Augmentin should be taken at least for 7 days. In most cases it is prescribed for 14 or 21 days. The dosage and the length of the treatment course can be decided upon after tests. A one time dosage depends on the quality and quantity of bacteria as well as the case and is determined in every individual case. The age of a patient as well as his or her body mass and the location of the disease are also the key factors to consider when prescribing a one time dosage.

What may interact with Augmentin?

Though Augmentin is considered to be a safe antibiotic which can be used in children and geriatric patients, still it may perform severe reactions of interaction with other antibiotics of the class. Augmentin should never be mixed with doxycycline, tetracycline, minocycline as these may decrease the efficiency of the treatment. Augmentin should never be taken right before or after the live vaccination as in this case the vaccination will fail.

Augmentin will perform serious reactions in the body if mixed with alcohol. Even moderate dosage of alcohol will perform severe response of the liver being weakened with antibiotics.

What should I watch for while taking Augmentin?

If you buy Augmentin online over the counter and decide to take the medication without prescription, you should know how to track the efficiency of treatment. In most cases a positive response of the body to the treatment with Augmentin is vanishing of symptoms. People report ease of symptoms from the first pills. But this does not mean that the treatment can be terminated. Seizing symptoms just show that the medication works in the body. But bacteria causing the infection may get insufficient dosage of the drug and in this case the infection will relapse soon after the treatment termination.

In very rare cases patients notice worsening of the conditions. In this case a patient should seek for emergency.


The only contraindication of Augmentin is hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Only your healthcare provider may decide on the administration of the drug and evaluate the risks if you have renal or hepatic impairment. Patients with severe chronic diseases should be administered Augmentin very cautiously as the drug may worsen the conditions. If a patient has renal or hepatic impairment he or she should start the treatment only under strict medical supervision.

What side effects may I notice from Augmentin?

Commonly Augmentin is a well tolerable drug with few side effects. However there are patients reporting severe reactions to the drug. Up to 27% of kids administered Augmentin perform diarrhea. This side effect may be corrected with proper meals and management of the dosage. If taken right after the meal the risk of diarrhea is lower. Up to 11% of patients develop skin rashes and redness, itching is very rare. Vaginitis and yeast infection are common side effects of antibiotic treatment and Augmentin is not an exception.