Cranberry and green tea will help you to treat Cystitis

You need to make some blood test and urinalysis, when after treating cystitis you still have some unpleasant symptoms, to be sure than there is no inflammation. But if this medical test is positive, you are able to cope with the problem with the help of cranberry juice. It is a very effective remedy.

Because, first of all, it has the qualities of antibiotics, that is why it can be an effective remedy for microbes and it also stimulates our immunity. You can prepare the cranberry fruit in such a way you press out juice from 400gr of cranberry and put it into the fridge. Add 400vl of water, some honey or sugar into the husk and boil it for 30-40 minutes, then mix it with juice and drink everything within a day. A course of treatment 4 weeks.

The green tea will help you to intensify the result and to make the process of recovering shorten. It is not recommended to use such strong diuretic herbs as horse tail or ergot, because they can cause the irritation of urinary organs and, as the result of this you can have strong pains.

Besides, you should keep to a diet which depends on the salts, which prevail in urine (you can find it out with the help of urinalysis). It they are urats you should not cat much meat, no sausages or fried meals, oxalates you should give up eating strawberry or strawberry jam, spinach, sorrel, lime-tea and you should drink green tea only with milk. These salts can be found also in beetroot and carrot, that is why during the course of treatment done not eat them much.