Diflucan Online

Candidosis, vaginosis or just yeast infection is a severe condition which may be harmful or may cause serious consequences in a female body. Men commonly are not sensitive to the symptoms of the diseases, however they are perfect channels for multiplying the fungi in women during sexual intercourse. The symptoms of fungal vaginal infections are terrible. Fortunately, you can buy Diflucan online and take a pill even without seeing your gynecologist. The medication is effective and safe. In early cases of infections a single dosage of Diflucan is quite enough to normalize the level of fungi in the body and to make the irritating symptoms vanish. The drug is available in USA, UK, Australia and Canada with a prescription from your doctor in offline pharmacy stores and over the counter if you shop online. The drug is on the list of essentials of WHO as one of the most important medications which should be in every home medicine box.

What is Diflucan?

Diflucan is a antifungal drug which has Fluconazole as its main ingredient. Its key component is proved to be the most effective against common types of fungi causing infections in women. Yeast infection can be a disease and a symptom of a weakened or triggered immune system. Diflucan works well in both cases.

The medication is commonly used for systematic treatment of advanced fungal infections which have penetrated deeper layers of tissues or organs. Unlike other antifungal therapies which are commonly topical, Diflucan is an oral treatment. It comes in pills of various dosages on the market. Diflucan is mainly used to cope with the next diseases and conditions in patients:

  • yeast infections and inflammations causing potential risk for yeasts to grow in vagina
  • fungal infections in people with healthy immune system
  • prevention of fungal infections in people with weakened immune system or in patients undergoing aggressive treatment
  • in patients having surgeries

Diflucan is also used in complex therapy of diseases which can cause bacterial and fungal imbalance in the body and thus result in splash of infection.

Directions for the use Diflucan

Diflucan is a safe and almost non-toxic drug. You can buy Diflucan online even in Canada, USA, Australia and UK over the counter and get rid of the irritating symptoms. Diflucan should be used only for susceptible types of fungi causing the yeast infection. It is of vital importance to get tested and find out what type of fungi causes inflammation. Fungi are known to develop immunity and resistance even to the drugs they are susceptible to. This means that a prolonged treatment with improper dosages of Diflucan or wrong medicine will advance the disease. Fungi are not harmful while they are in vagina. Fungal or yeast infection may cause serious complications in case of progressing to uterus and tubes. It then can cause adhesions and infertility. In most cases it is treatable. However it the yeast infection comes to the tubes and causes adhesions then the only way for a woman to get pregnant is only in vitro fertilization.

Why it is necessary to get tested before starting Diflucan treatment? Diflucan is commoly effective against all types of Candida, however seeing a doctor may reveal some symptoms which are not related to yeast infection. For a woman the symptoms of yeast infection and more serious sexually transmitted diseases are similar: irritation, discharge, redness, itching. Tests will show what causes an infection in the body, the quantity of fungi and their susceptibility.

How should I use Diflucan?

Diflucan is the first aid for women when the first symptoms of yeast infection are sensed. For most women a pill is enough to kill the infection and to normalize the vaginal bacterial profile. However there are some restrictions.

Diflucan comes in pills of 150mg to the market. If the yeast infection as just performed its first symptoms then one pill will be enough. Other cases require a complex therapy with increased dosages of Diflucan.

In case of advanced yeast infection a one time dosage of Diflucan gets raised up to 400mg and then reduced to 100mg once a day during 5-7 days. Some cases require 14 day treatment to avoid a relapse of the disease. If the treatment is terminated ahead of time, then risks of relapse are very high.

Visiting a doctor will help to solve the issues with dosage, treatment length and type of fungi.

A pill of Diflucan should be taken with a glass of water regardless of meals. Mind that both partners should take Diflucan. If a man neglects the intake, then he will transmit the infection again during the next sexual intercourse.

What may interact with Diflucan?

Diflucan is a safe drug and you can buy Diflucan online over the counter. Moreover you can take Diflucan without prescription being sure that it will not harm your health. However Diflucan interacts with other medications and can cause severe reactions in the body. For example Diflucan is forbidden to mix with erythromycin drugs as the combination will increase the QT interval and affect the heart function. The result may be life threatening.

Before you take Diflucan get sure you have not taken serious drug during the last 14 days. Start serious drugs only after a 5 day interval after you finish Diflucan treatment. Report all the drugs, herbs and teas you have taken for the last month to your doctor to avoid serious Diflucan interactions.

What should I watch for while taking Diflucan?

If you buy Diflucan online to treat yeast infection without your doctor prescription then you should watch the next symptoms:

  • redness and irritation should come off
  • discharge quantity should be reduced
  • you will feel less itching.

You should immediately seek for medical help if you notice bleeding, fever, nausea and severe abdominal pain as these are the key symptoms of the advancing disease.


Diflucan commonly does not have contraindications. It is a well tolerable drug which can be used even in children. However the medicine poses certain risks for patient health. Diflucan is contraindicated in patients with allergic reactions to antifungal drugs in their history. Pregnancy is another contraindication for the drug. Only the doctor should estimate the risks of administering this antifungal drug to pregnant women. Women planing pregnancy can take Diflucan only during the first phase of menstrual cycle.

Patients with severe heart disorders should not take Diflucan.

What side effects may I notice from Diflucan?

Commonly Diflucan is a well tolerable medication. Side effects from Diflucan are rather rare. Up to 10% of patients report headaches. 2% of the patients perform skin rashes and redness as the response of the body to Diflucan. If the symptoms are not bothersome then Diflucan can be continued.

Digestion related side effects are possible: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.