Motilium Online

Digestive discomfort is one of the main causes of feeling sick. Common symptoms of indigestion is vomiting, nausea, heartburn, heaviness in stomach and abdomen. The causes of these symptoms may vary. Taking pills, being pregnant, having digestive dysfunction or some diseases, intoxication and many others as unhealthy diet, eating too much, trying exotic foods, first time taking strange foods or eating something spoiled or old foods. In some cases there is no time to seek for emergency or to visit a doctor to get examined and prescription for proper treatment. Feeling sick needs safe emergency medication which can be taken without prescription and which will perform fast relief of nausea, vomiting and heartburn. Motilium is the first aid medication which can be take without prescription and any risks for the health of patient. You can buy Motilium online. The drug is available in USA, Australia, Canada and UK as well. Mind that Motilium is only effective to treat the symptoms, but not the causes of the state. If the symptoms are recurrent, visit your doctor for proper examination and discovering of the reasons of feeling badly.

What is Motilium?

Motilium is the most widely prescribed anti-nausea and anti-vomiting drug having domperidone as its active ingredient. The medication was developed by the pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica and is marketed under many brand names. The drug is available in regular pills, orally disintegrated pills, suppositories and suspensions.

Motilium is a dopamine receptor antagonist. It relieves the digestive symptoms by blocking receptors. It boost motility to the sufficient levels and makes gastrointestinal sphincter to work better thus reducing the risks of development of heartburn and nausea and preventing patients from vomiting.

Another use of Motilium is lactation simulation. Motilium affects the pituitary gland inducing the production of prolactin – a hormone responsible for lactation. European and U.S drug control bodies have not yet decided on the effect of Motilium on lactation. European body is still conducting studies to evaluate the risks of usage of Motilium in breastfeeding patients and the chances to increase lactation without possible adverse reactions. In various countries Motilium has got different applications.

In Italy the drug is prescribed as a part of complex treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. In USA the marketing of Motilium is still under debate. The FDA banned to sell Motilium in 2004. However there are some online pharmacies that sell Motilium over the counter in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. You can buy Motilium online and ask your doctor about the risks and benefits from treating nausea and vomiting with the drug.

Directions for the use of Motilium

Motilium is a drug developed to ease digestive symptoms and side effects of treatment of various diseases. Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of intoxication, digestive disorders, side effects of antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs. Women experience nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy and in rare cases further on.

Motilium is the first choice medication to reduce sudden severe symptoms. It should not be used if the symptoms get worse or the reason of the symptoms is unknown as the treatment may complicate the further diagnostics.

You can buy Motilium online and get the drug over the counter for occasional usage, however in case of symptoms presence for a prolonged period of time a patient should visit a doctor to rule out dangerous diseases as ulcer.

How should I use Motilium?

Motilium is a safe drug with minimum contraindications and rare side effects. However, it should be used only as it is prescribed to you. If you buy Motilium online without prescription, then you should follow the instruction provided.

For sudden symptoms relief Motilium is taken immediately in a minimum allowed dosage. If the dosage turns ineffective and the symptoms are still present, seek for emergency. These can be the symptoms of acute ulcer.

Motilium can also be taken at a schedule. Patients are prescribed to take 1 pill of 10mg dosage three times a day 15-20 minutes before meals. The last dosage of Motilium should be taken right before bed to ensure good sleeping without nausea and vomiting breaks.

Take Motilium wit a full glass of water.

If the dosage appears to be ineffective, do not increase it on your own. Visit your doctor and report your symptoms as well as disease history and causes which you think induced the symptoms and disease.

What may interact with Motilium?

Motilium should not be taken with other drugs treating vomiting and nausea to avoid possible side effects and interactions. Some medications used to treat fungal infections will reduce the excretion of Motilium from the body and will keep its levels high. The antibiotics of macrolide group also block the metabolism of Motilium keeping the drug on the high levels in the body. This may induce side effects of the drug.

What should I watch for while taking Motilium?

Motilium is a fast medication. Patients report symptom relief in 10-15 minutes. If Motilium is taken for a prolonged treatment course, then a patient should track the episodes of symptoms and the frequency of their recurrence. The treatment with Motilium is considered to be successful if the symptoms are reduced or appear less frequently or completely vanish.


Though being rather safe and harmless for health, there are some contraindications and precautions in taking Motilium. The drug should not be taken after a prolonged course of any hormonal therapy (especially prolactin inducing). People with mechanic disorders of bowel should not take Motilium to relieve the symptoms.

You can buy Motilium online and take it occasionally when you are sure the symptoms are caused with bad foods or overeating. In all other cases Motilium is contraindicated until the cause of nausea and vomiting is discovered.

What side effects may I notice from Motilium?

Motilium is not used for treatment. In most cases the drug is administered as a part of complex treatment to reduce the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and heaviness in abdomen and stomach. Motilium does not perform many side effects, but still these are possible. Among most common adverse reactions there are: increased heartbeat, hyperprolactinemia, anovulaiton (suppressing the hormones of FSH and LH). Women who are planning pregancy should under no condition take Motilium as it directly affects the ability to grow and produce eggs making pregnancy impossible.