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Epilepsy was known to ancient Greeks. It is a mental dysfunction characterized with episodes of shaking of the body. The episodes can be brief and undetectable causing no discomfort to a patient and the environment. Some episodes of epileptic seizures are severe with vigorous long shaking of the body. During the severe episodes of epilepsy a patient is helpless. The seizures of epilepsy happen suddenly without any evident causes. The nature of the epilepsy is still unknown, however brain injuries, strokes, genetic mutations are commonly diagnosed in patients who further on develop epilepsy. Neurontin is a potent medication to control epileptic seizures. Uncontrolled seizures may be life threatening as may may happen at any moment (for example, when driving a car). A patient should immediately visit a doctor and report bothersome symptoms of probable epilepsy to take timely measures and to prevent advancement of the disease and worsening of the symptoms. You can buy Neurontin online over the counter and get it even in the countries with strict drug control policy as USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Neurontin should not be used without prescription. It is a drug affecting brain function.

What is Neurontin?

Neurontin is a prescription medicine to control epilepsy and seizures in patients. It belongs to a class of anticonvulsant drugs. Neurontin affects and takes under control chemicals and nerve tissues which are involved in seizures.

The drug has gabapentin as its main ingredient. Neurontin is its brand name. Initially Neurontin was developed to treat epileptic seizures. But clinical studies and trials have revealed analgesic effect. Thus Neurontin can be prescribed for coping with neuropathic pain and metal disorders as anxiety. Other uses of Neurontin cover insomnia, bi-ploar disorders and various types of depression. Mind that latter are the off-label use of the drug. The developer does not have responsibility for the success of treatment of these cases as well as does not recommend the medication for that types of usage. Moreover the administration of Neurontin for mental disorders which are not related to epilepsy cases, insomnias and bi-polar disorders are made only in reliance on practical monitoring of patients getting Neurontin as a part of treatment of other diseases.

Neurontin should be used only as it is indicated by the producer. Mind that other effects of the drug has not been studied and proved to be valid.

Directions for the use of Neurontin

Neurontin is a drug affecting brain cells and nerve receptors. It is a potentially dangerous drug which can perform serious side effects and can develop life threatening conditions. Only a doctor may prescribe anticonvulsant medications regarding the history of the patients, the frequency of seizures and the severity of every case.

The Neurontin should be taken only as it is prescribed by a doctor or as it is indicated in the instruction provided with the drug. Epilepsy is an incurable disease and needs constant drug intake to control the seizures as well as constant medical supervision.

Neurontin should not be used to cure pain or ease mental disorder symptoms as it is not developed for the case and there are other medications to treat such issues.

How should I use Neurontin?

Neurontin should be used only as it is prescribed to you. The medication comes to the market in capsules of 100mg, 300mg and 400mg as well as in film coated pills of 600mg and 800mg of active ingredient in every pill. You can buy Neurontin online over the counter even in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, however you should discuss with your doctor what dosage will be optimum for you, the frequency of intakes and the duration of the treatment course.

The dosage of Neurontin to treat symptoms of epilepsy will depend on the body mass of a patient. Neurontin dosage should be taken in equal intervals of time to keep control over the symptoms. Under no condition a patient should take a double dosage without medical supervision.

Take a dosage of Neurontin with or without meals with a full glass of water. The medication gets fast absorbed into the blood and reaches the brain immediately.
Increased dosages of Neurontin are only justified in acute cases of epileptic seizures.

Neurontin in kids should be used only under medical supervision. Neurontin is allowed in geriatric patients. Medical control is needed.

What may interact with Neurontin?

Neurontin almost does not have any medications to interact with on the list. However you should mind that the drug performs sedative effect thus combining it with other sedative drugs as valerian will increase sedation. A patient may turn disabled to control mechanisms or drive a car. Neurontin does not interact with other drugs. However individual reactions are still possible. To avoid serious life threatening conditions being a response to the mixture of pills report a complete list of medications you are taking regularly or occasionally including herbs and teas. Do not take Neurontin with other anticolvunsant drugs if you buy Neurontin online over the counter.

What should I watch for while taking Neurontin?

Taking Neurontin will ease the symptoms at once. Patients report the reduced frequency of epileptic seizures, better overall condition and better sleeping. You should carefully track your symptoms and watch the worsening. If the conditions getting worse a patient should immediately see a doctor to get examined. Only your doctor can decide on the change of medication or dosage of Neurontin.


If you buy Neurontin online without prescription, you should learn all of its contraindications to avoid life threatening conditions. The medication is only forbidden in patients wit allergic reactions in their history to the class of anticonvulsant medications. Mind that Neurontin potentiates the depression. IN most patients the drug stimulates suicidal thoughts.

What side effects may I notice from Neurontin?

The most common side effect of Neurontin is determined by its sedative action. Up to 23% of patients report dizziness and sleepiness during Neurontin treatment. Up to 17% of patients relate fatigue to the intake of the drug. Digestive side effects are extremely rare (up to 0,78% of patients feel nausea and bowel disorders).