Premarin Online

Menopause or climacteric pause is a condition in women when they turn disabled to produce eggs and have children anymore. This period is characterized with permanent absence of menstruation. This state commonly starts at the age of 45-48. The key symptoms is not having any vaginal bleedings for more than a year or longer. The ovaries stop producing female hormones. The lack of estrogens in the body shifts hormonal balance and cause various symptoms in the body as hot flashes, increased sweating, vaginal dryness, changes in mood, mental and sleeping disorders. Unfortunately the medications are unable to prevent menopause, however they are able to ease the symptoms and let women live a normal life independent of flashes and other symptoms. One of the most often prescribed medications to ease the symptoms of menopause is Premarin. You can buy Premarin online and take it if you are sure you have exactly menopause and not a typical hormonal imbalance. The medication is available in USA, UK, Canada and Australia as well. It can not be started without seeing a doctor as the symptoms of climacteric pause are similar to the symptoms of pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome and hormonal shifts.

What is Premarin?

Premarin is a number one drug prescribed to menopausal women in the United States. The drug is a conjugated estrogen pills which combat the typical symptoms of menopause as hot flashes, bone fractures, vaginal dryness. The natural estrogen produced by the ovaries keep the walls and vaginal tissues in normal condition. However the lack of estrogens results in thinning the linens of the vagina. A woman starts feeling dryness, irritation and itching inside and outside of the vagina on the labia. The pills of Premarin reduce the presence of symptoms and ease the sensations.

Premarin is a brand drug that comes in various dosages on the market. There are 0,3mg pills of green color, 0,45mg pills of blue color, 0,625mg pills of maroon color, 0,9mg pills of white color and 1,25mg pills of yellow color.

Visiting your gynecologist will help to manage the dosage of the drug. The developer recommends to use the lowest effective dosage in every case. The developer offers a wide range of dosages to help every menopausal woman to find a proper solution for her symptoms.

Premarin is safe for women and can be taken for as long as the symptoms of menopause occur in the patient. The medication does not cause addiction and can be easily withdrawn when unnecessary.

This is a medication that potentiates the risks of endometrical cancer. Any estrogen medication increases the risks of estrogen dependent cancer. That is why getting regularly examined while under treatment is of ultimate importance for women. Cancer is well treated if diagnosed on its early stage. The share of complete recoveries reaches 87%.

Directions for the use of Premarin

Premarin is only a female medication. It interferes the hormonal balance of the body and affects the levels of estrogens. The medication is prescribed to women of all ages who have a diagnosis of estrogen deficit.

Another indication for Premarin is treating of menopausal symptoms. In both cases a woman needs to see a doctor to get examined and tested. Mind that the symptoms of estrogen deficit, menopause, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy are very similar. Women commonly notice shifts of mood, sleeping disorders, constipations, fever, etc.

After being examined a woman should get prescription for the medicaiton. Premarin is an estrogen drug of choice as it comes in various dosages from which it is rather comfortable to choose a proper one.

Premarin is taken once a day with a glass of water. Meals do not affect the efficiency of the drug.

How should I use Premarin?

Premarin should only be used as it is prescribed to you. It it hard to buy Premarin as other hormonal drugs without prescription in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. If you buy Premarin online without prescription, you should start with the lowest dosage available and keep to the instructions provided with the box of drugs.

Do not increase the dosage if unnecessary. You should understand the mechanism of menopause. You will feel the symptoms until your body will adjust to the new levels of hormones. Premarin just substitutes temporarily the estrogens in the body. After the body adjustment you will not need additional estrogens as the symptoms will seize. That is why taking increased dosages of estrogens will not help to completely remove the symptoms of menopause.

Premarin should only be started after your doctor proves menopause of your body with thorough examination and proper clinical tests. Some women may perform symptoms of menopause but actually they do not have menopause. Premarin should not be taken without prescription.

What may interact with Premarin?

Premarin should not be used in combination with other hormonal drugs. You must understand that hormones make our body work as it does. Additional portions of hormones will completely change the balance of naturally produced hormones in the body and will cause multiple organ failure. In case of getting Premarin prescribed, you should withdraw all the pills, fluids (even topical), herbs and teas which can even indirectly affect the hormonal level of the body.

Warn your doctor if you take vital hormones (for example, to support the function of thyriod gland). Medicinal herbs can be potent phyto hormones. Stop taking any teas or herbs 14 days prior to starting Premarin.

What should I watch for while taking Premarin?

You can buy Premarin online without prescription, but you should remember about the risks considering estrogen intake.

Premarin is effective medication. The estrogens quickly reach the blood and brain receptors and ease the symptoms of menopause. Patients report overall better feeling, better sleeping and reduction of flashes. Women also notice better vaginal lubrication with Premarin.

Mind that all estrogen drugs increase the risks of getting endometrical cancer. Get examined and tested every three month to diagnose the disease on its early stage and take necessary measures.


Premarin is not a medication suitable for all women. Patients wit active breast cancer or with episodes of breast cancer in the history are forbidden to take Premarin. Severe renal and hepatic impairment should also be considered as contraindication for Premarin prescription. Vaginal bleedings as well as new formations in the vagina, uterus, tubes or ovaries are strict contraindications to start menopausal symptoms therapy. Only a doctor may evaluate risks of prescribing estrogen drugs to women in the group of potentially high risk of developing breast cancer.

What side effects may I notice from Premarin?

If you buy Premarin online you should remember about all of its side effects. Hormonal drugs commonly perform severe side effects as nausea, vomiting, flashes, but not Premarin. It is a well tolerable drug with rare side effects. Some of the conditions noticed by women are considered to be a norm and are related to the changes of hormonal levels. Among such side effects of Premarin: nervousness, breast enlargement and tenderness, abdominal and back pain, dizziness, feeling suppressed, sleeping disorders. Up to 0,9% of patients develop allergic reactions with skin symptoms as redness, itching and rashes.