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Alcohol or drug addiction is a life threatening condition. Alcohol and drugs badly affect vital organs and the brain causing inability to think in a rational manner. Long term addiction may cause multi organ failure. People with addictions can not work effectively as well as make rational decisions. Commonly patients are unaware of being addicted. The main symptom of addiction is frequent necessity of the next dosage of alcohol or a drug induced with physical and mental symptoms. Addiction is dangerous as it results in social isolation and death. There are no optimum schemes of treatment of addiction, however there are medications that help to withdraw addiction in patients. Revia is one of them. You can buy Revia online over the counter. However the medication should be taken only after proper clinical tests and examination to reduce possible side effects, body reactions and interactions. The medication is also available in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

What is Revia?

Revia is an addiction management medication with the main active ingredient being naltrexone. Revia is a brand name of the drug. It is used alone or in a complex therapy of addictions to reduce the dependence on the next dosage. The drug reduces the physical and mental symptoms inducing a desire to take the next dosage of alcohol or a drug. Revia is not used for acute opioid intoxication and overdosing.

The drug was approved by FDA in 1994 and not is widely administered to treat addictions in patients in UK, USA, Australia and Canada. You can buy Revia online without prescription and to start treatment after seeing your doctor. Revia should not be taken on one’s own as it may perform serious adverse reactions in the body as well as to interact with other medications.

Revia will perform effect even if a patient still abuses alcohol or drugs during the treatment. Te positive effect on the addiction was proved with numerous clinical studies.

Revia is a narcotic antagonist. It blocks opioid receptors and decreases the effect alcohol or opioids cause on a patient. The patient does not feel a satisfying affect after a dosage of addictive substance thus reducing the dependence of a patient from the drug. In a complex treatment Revia boost the chances to get complete recovery.

Directions for the use of Revia

Revia should only be used for diagnosed addictions. The drug is effective in patients abusing alcohol and drugs. There is still a debate on when to include Revia in the treatment of addiction. The developer claims that Revia should be started only after a 7 day period from the last episode of abuse. Unfortunately it is very hard to control addicted people. Numerous clinical trials and studies have shown that Revia is possible to start at any moment with the lowest dosage of 25mg. The medication comes to the market in capsules for oral usage.

Revia is taken once a day. Meals do not affect the intake and do not reduce or induce the effect of the medication. Initially Revia dosage can be 25mg twice a day to watch the response of the patient and the reactions of the body. Further on Revia is taken once a day in a dosage of 50mg. Revia should not be used alone. Other medications should be used to normalize the function of affected organs (heart, liver, kidneys, stomach). Psychological therapy is needed for complete recovery. Strongly addicted patients may experience abstinent syndrome requiring symptomatic treatment. Revia alone will not cope with all possible symptoms of abstinent syndrome.

Revia is administered to patients to prevent potential relapses of abuse after alcohol or opioid detoxication.

How should I use Revia?

Revia is used as a part of anti-addiction therapy in dosages prescribed by your doctor. A one-time dosage will depend on the case, addiciton and overall condition of the patient. Only a doctor can prescribe an optimum dosage of opioid antagonist to get beneficial effect.

The capsules of Revia are taken once a day. From the start a one time dosage may be divided for two intakes.

A dosage of Revia should be taken in equal intervals of time with a glass of water regardless of the meals. If a dosage of medication is missed a patient should take it as soon as possible. If it is almost time to take the next dosage of medication then a patient should not take two dosages at once considering previous one. Revia should not be taken to ease the symptoms of overdosing as it will be ineffective for the case.

Revia is for prolonged usage. It should not be taken occasionally to ease the symptoms of addiction of heavy abuse.

Revia is used to prevent relapses of abuse for 7 days. To treat alcohol addiction Revia is prescribed for a longer period of time. The treatment can be as long as 12-14 weeks.

What may interact with Revia?

Revia blocks the receptors in the brain. It affects the metabolism and action of many drugs. Revia should be taken carefully along with all medications. If you take drugs constantly or occasionally, then you should report a complete list of medicines to your healthcare provider. Consider herbs and teas as well. They may perform serious interaction with life threatening conditions in the body. Revia should never be mixed with opioid drugs. It may reduce the effect of analgesic medications.

What should I watch for while taking Revia?

Revia should be carefully administered to patients. Addiction is not only a physical condition. It is a mental state inducing a desire to take another dosage of alcohol or drug doping. The brain sends impulsed to the organs performing symptoms of feeling badly without alcohol or a drug dosage. Patients should watch for symptom relief. Patients report a suppressed desire to drink or take another dosage. The overall state turns better and the addiction goes off. However there are cases when the symptoms of addiction get worse. This does not mean that Revia should be withdrawn. This means that an addiction is heavy and it requires more time for a drug to perform relieving effect.


You can buy Revia online and use it without a prescription, but Revia has a list of contraindications which should be considered before the treatment start. The contraindications are commonly mental conditions with depression, suicidal thoughts or behavior. People who are allergic to the medication should not be administered Revia. Patients with hepatic impairment as well as chronic heart diseases should not take Revia on their own. Medical supervision is necessary.

What side effects may I notice from Revia?

Revia is very hard to start. Over 35% of patients report severe side effects. However these are commonly determined by withdrawal effect. Nausea, headache, vomiting are the most common adverse reactions of Revia. Sleeping disorders, depression appear in up to 10% of cases. Less than 1% of patients perform skin reactions as redness, itching or rashes.