Smoking and sex are incompatible

Sooner or later, everyone thinks about his or her own family. But smoking can spoil your comfort and satisfaction. The scientists note that it spoils man’s health as like as women’s. And, in course of time, there can appear problem of dissatisfaction in your sexual life and, what is worse, inability to have children.

The scientists proved the fact of negative that smoking influences the health negatively, when they examined two girls, one of them smoked and the other didn’t. In such a way they discovered that the girl who didn’t smoke had stronger orgasms, she had more healthy children. Her general state was better; the relations in her family were more friendly and quiet.

Smoking causes bad influence on the work of hormones in your organism, after you give up this bad habit it is normalized. Those who smoke have a strong anxiety and are usually dissatisfied with their way of life. Smoking is also connected with drugs. The smoking patients or those who had given it up had worse subjective and objective indices of erection. No erection is the first sign of danger. The erection dysfunction can prevent you about heart attack or cerebral thrombosis. The impotence has the same risk factors as heart diseases: overweight and some other symptoms.

The tobacco influence upon the organism has several components. At first, when nicotine gets into your body, it causes the expansion of the brain vessels, what can explain some cheerfulness. When a person smokes for a long time, the vessels are narrowed and it has a very bad influence on your health, and our sexual lift in particular.

The conclusion is that if you don’t want to have any problems with potention you should refuse to smoke when you are young or you’ll have the following troubles:
– Atherosclerosis, because the vessels of brain, heart and sexual organs are badly influenced by smoking.
– The blood can’t easily get in to sexual organs.

The smoker’s heart works weaker than the healthy person’s heart not influenced by nicotine’s and as the result the blood intake to the organs is also weaker, as well as to the sexual ones.

Tobacco has a negative influence on your sexual desire. Nicotine and some other poisons of cigarette smoke lower the production of male and female hormones. A person has no sexual desire at all.

When a young man is smoking all the time when he has a muting with his girl, his sexual desire is not so strong. The investigations show that 12% of men between 30 and 50 are impotents because of smoking. Some prostitutes like when their partners smoke much before sex. They know that those men haven’t such strong sexual desire and they haven’t to work so much.

The women, who smoke very often, have cancer of the milk glands. Smoking is a reason of a great number of different diseases, male as well as female.

Someone may think that a woman with a cigarette is more sexual and erotic, but it only seems also. It has more disadvantages than advantages.

Smoking women are getting older very soon, they become no more pretty. They have yellow color of skin, wrinkles. It can happen because of the vessels narrowing, when the blood intake to skin is not enough. They have many problems with their teeth. Their voice doesn’t sound like woman is voice any more.

Nicotine also an influence one is behaviour, because the production of the female hormones is lower. The women become nervous and depressed. As tobacco is considered to be a drug, they are addicted. Without nicotine hands are trembling, there is some nervousness which can be a reason of different conflicts.

Very often smoking women can have children with some physical declinations. The oxygen intake to the brain is not enough which can cause development inhibition or some irreversible processes, disability or injuries of the unborn child. Future mother should think about health of the children for a long time before they want to have them. When the pregnancy is unexpected you should give up smoking at once, at least for these nice moths. You must not injury the life of the unborn child.

After everything you have read above you’ll not consider the view of red woman’s lips on the think while cigarette to be attractive.