Tetracycline Antibiotics

Tetracycline is the class of antibiotics which is one of the oldest antibacterial mediations, which started its successful history in late 1940-s. Although nowadays there have appeared the big amount of tetracycline resistance bacterias, this medication is still very popular and it is effectively used in treatment of infections caused by Chlamydia, it is also prescribed for treating ricketsiosis, some zoonosis, and the hard forms of measles rash.

Among the gram-positive coccus, the most sensitive to Tetracycline is pneumococcus. Tetracycline is effectively fighting quite a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacillus. Tetracycline is active against spirochaetes, leptospir, borellia, ricketssia, Chlamydia, mycoplasm, and some protozoa.

All antibiotics from Tetracycline group are well absorbed, but for example doxycycline is absorbed quicker than tetracycline. Bio availability of doxycycline does not depend on food. The maximum concentration of antibiotic in blood whey begins in 1-3 hours after taking it orally. In case of injection the concentration in blood is reached more quickly.

Tetracyclines are well spread through many organs and the parts of the body. The concentration in cerebrospinal fluid is usually 10-25% from the level of concentration in blood whey. Concentration of tetracycline in bile is 5-20 times more than in blood. Excretion of hydrophilic tetracycline is implemented mostly by kidneys, that’s why in case of kidney incompetence the elimination of tetracycline is very bad. In case of hemodialysis disease the elimination period of tetracycline is quite low, but doxycycline is not eliminated at all. There is a proven effect of tetracycline against cholera. The antibiotics of this group are used for treatment of gonorrhea. In cased of hard septic diseases tetracycline may be used together with other antibiotics.


Tetracycline is available in 0,25 g capsules; covered tablets in the doses of 0,05, 0,125, and 0,25 grams; tablets 0,12 g (for children) and 0,375 g (for adults); 10% suspension; 0,03 g granules for making the syrup.

There are some reports, according to which the combination of tetracycline with any medications containing Vitamin A increases the risk of the syndrome of pseudo-tumor of brain. It is recommended to take tetracycline drugs in the vertical position with the full glass of water to avoid the possible injury of esophagus or the irritation of stomach mucous.

It is strongly recommended to follow the prescriptions and not to change the regime during the whole therapy course, not to miss the dose and to take it within equal time-periods.

You should consult the doctor in case if there are no improvements after the few days of taking tetracycline or if there are new symptoms noticed.

How to treat bacterial infections with Tetracycline antibiotics

Bacterial infections can be of many types and can have different symptoms manifested in different individuals. Tetracycline is one such medicine which prevents bacterial action in the human body. It is used in the treatment of acne, Chlamydia, UTI, gonorrhea etc. It is available online with the most competent advice and prices making it convenient for customers to buy Tetracycline online.

The absorption of tetracycline is reduced by food thus it must be taken either two hours after or before meals. It is generally prescribed for a period of one or two weeks and taken at least four times every day. Some important things to know about the medicine are mentioned here. The intake of this medicine is avoided in pregnancy as it can cause undesired harm to the fetus. It also reduces the effectiveness of birth control medicines. It has also been found to enter the breast milk thus nursing mothers must avoid it. Children below eight years are not given this medicine as it can result in graying of teeth and sometimes yellowing of the teeth permanently. Exposure to UV rays and sunlight must be avoided as tetracycline makes the skin very sensitive to sunlight. Iron supplements, calcium supplements, laxatives, multivitamins and antacids must be avoided at least two hours after or before taking the medicine as they make the medicine less effective.

The time period and amount of the medicine must be maintained and should not exceed the time mentioned in the prescription. It is better to take it with at least eight ounces of water. Avoid the intake of Tetracycline with dairy products as it disturbs the absorption of the medicine. It is common to shake the liquid suspension before consumption. One must not take the medicine without consulting a doctor. Expired Tetracycline can damage the kidneys and thus care must be taken to check the expiry date of the medicine when you buy Tetracycline online. In addition, it must be stored at a safe place.

If you decide to buy Tetracycline online, nothing can be better than this because today online medicines are 100% safe. Most of the online stores provide complete description about the medicine, its usage, side- effects and all that an aware patient must know. Most often the medicines not available in the local chemists shop are available online easily and they also offer money back guarantee in case of any problems.